A Bigger World for Poker


The World Series of Poker is expanding its reach when it comes to considering just what is meant by reaching out to poker players of the globe. This institution has recently partnered with Australia’s Crown Melbourne, resulting in a tournament with all new possibilities that include what is being entitled the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific. The upcoming event will have all the normal excitement that this institution has featured in the past in addition to ten different Gold Bracelet Events.

Expanding Operations

The Melbourne has hosted this event in the past, and organizers have expressed a considerable amount of excitement about renewing this partnership once again. The executive director of the World Series of Poker characterizes the move as one that represents a whole new beginning for the champions that flock to these events from the international community, and the popularity of poker tournaments has almost surpassed the popularity of online slots (a whopping 38.6% of adults play Pokies in Australia – if you want to, too, visit aussieonlinepokies.com). The change also represents a dramatic expansion for the institution as a whole. Nearly every dimension of their operations is increasing and expanding. Among the changes are an annual rotation in the location of the venue of games, better communication in the organization as a whole across the world, and increased levels of marketing in each region that they touch.

A Main Event For the Masses

The organizers have also made many of the changes in the interest of players themselves. They are hoping to provide more entertainment and potential winnings in exchange for their international dollars, and most online gambling site now accept BitCoin (casinoza.com lists all the online casinos in South Africa who do accept BitCoin) They realize that there are tons of poker tournaments held around the world on a regular basis, making it critical that this institution put on a showcase that is beyond anything else that is being presented on a global scale. Part of meeting this goal is offering big money to the highest number of players possible. They are now offering a guarantee that at least 150 players will qualify for the $10,000 main event. The changes are also allowing organizers more time to present special promotions and arrange unique, satellite coverage. In addition to the Gold Bracelet Events mentioned above, there are also five separate, official events that are drawing the attention of players and fans alike.