Deconstructing Casino Bonuses: Are They For Real?

Being on the right side of the fence is often a much desired but seldom overlooked aspect of online gambling. Casino bonuses pose one such prospect where most online gamblers fail to tell the genuine bonuses from the questionable ones.

That’s why, a little deconstruction of casino bonuses is in order.

Casino bonuses

Why do online casinos offer bonuses?

In the simples of terms, casino bonuses are marketing tools. They are not at all unlike the offers we come across everyday at online shopping websites or even, departmental stores. Casinos offer bonuses to make sure that they ‘acquire’ new players. Quite logically, that’s where their revenues come from.

Are all casino bonuses shams?

Definitely not. Casinos bonuses, in most cases, are real. It’s just that many players misunderstand what they are signing up for and hence, at times, feel a tad confused. Some of the commonest casino bonus terms are:

Match bonuses

Match bonuses are the bonuses offered as ‘matches’ to the deposits you make to your casino wallet.

Match percentage

Match percentage is the percentage at which your deposits will be matched by the casinos. These percentages can range from anywhere between 50% and 400%.

Match cap

Match cap is the upper limit for the ‘match bonuses’. Once this limit is reached, new bonuses cannot be availed by the player. Learn more about match caps and bonus policies at robin roo online casino.

  1. Free spins

Free spins bonuses are offered by casinos to ensure that new players can try out a few rounds of games.