Fresh Horizons: New Games

Just as it is absolutely brilliantly to note the continued growth and appreciation of many of the world’s most traditional gaming formats, there is revel to be had also when looking more densely at the present and indeed the future.

New casino Games

The internet age has ushered in an entirely new range of possibilities as far as games development is concerned. Sure, there has been a pretty consistent population of video gaming consoles in the land-based casino business for the past few decades (or maybe even longer?) – though in comparison to what is offered online now, and as a result via the in-casino machines in this day and age, they were clunky, unfriendly old things.

Perhaps most evident since the online platforms started to weigh up to the traditional land based casino format, is the unprecedented rise in popularity of slots games, or ‘pokies’ as they are referred to by our friends in Australia.

At first, these consoles were pretty slow off of the mark. Looking back, it is rather easy to see why. After all who is going to trust their hard earned cash in the hands of a virtual bot? The bug-trap theory was rampant within the first few generations of online slot gambling. However, time does heal all things and soon enough a trusting relationship was built between the increasingly competent (and impressive) games development firms and their increasingly open consumer base.

New video slots are put out there almost every single day of the year. The demand for them seems to be never ending, and the turnover they are noting for the industry as a combined entity is astronomical.