About Us

Applied Perception has been running for years and we strive to carry on long into the future. We believe this is because we fill a real need in the gambling community: starting not from a place of greed or ease, like most gambling advice sites, but taking a cool calm and collected approach to gambling in order to gain the biggest statistical advantage in the long run.

Applied Perception is of course divided into two parts: the perception and the application. The perception is the first part of the battle: understanding the different aspects of being a smart gambler rather than one who works off emotion is key to beating the house.

The second part is application. Having all the skills in the world won’t help you if you go back to the table and revert back to bad habits. There are certain skills that can only be truly mastered not by theoretically knowing them inside out, but actually getting to the casino and practicing them over and over again.

So we combine the two aspects of being a great gambler: knowing what you need to do and actually going through with doing it, to create this website and help people become better gamblers, smarter gamblers and more controlled gamblers. By doing the things recommended by Applied Perception, you will not only become the best gambler you will also be the richest gambler you can be. Because our methods are not just about beating the math, it’s about beating the house and raking in the winnings.