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Code of Conduct At The Roulette Table

While there may not be written rules, there are a number of things that are simply considered polite at the roulette table. Being a conscientious player will help you have a better time and get along better with the casino staff and your fellow gamblers.

When placing a bet, try not to throw your chips at the table. This can knock other people’s chips out of position, and will result in a very irate gambler if you cause them to lose a bet they would have won. If you try to call a bet, always accept the dealer’s final say graciously.

Keep purses, bags, and wallets off of the table. Not only do these items clutter up the space, they can also make it look like you are cheating.

Always be polite and courteous to the dealer and your fellow gamblers, whether you are winning or losing. Not only is this respectful, it can also keep you from getting removed from the casino, as pit bosses seldom tolerate rude and disruptive behavior.

Remember to tip your dealer, especially if you are winning. You can also place a bet for your dealer. Just state your intentions when you lay the bet down and give your winnings to the house as a tip. Remember that many dealer’s pay comes primarily through tips.

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