How to Win at any Online Casino

What are the best games to play at the casino? What are the best strategists doing? Follow these simple rules for the Applied Perception winning edge.

1) Stick to table games

Generally speaking, the simpler a game is, the higher the house edge is. That’s why there are hundreds of slot machines in any given casino and a disproportionately smallĀ  amount of tables. Table games that require more decision making, strategy and mental gymnastics tend to keep the masses looking for a bit of light entertainment away, but in actual fact these are the most dangerous games in terms of losing money. Even the most intimidating table games such as Poker and Craps are relatively simple to learn and once you’ve gotten the hang of them, they become way more fun than their less intimidating counterparts.

2) Know your strategy

If you’re at the Craps table, stick to the Pass Line family of bets and always take the odds. No matter how tempting those single roll payouts are, you have to know the math behind your strategy to successfully avoid temptation and cash in at the end of the day.

3) Think long-term and have the bank roll to match

Of course it goes without saying that gambling money must come from your expendable income and not your rent envelope. But remember that even the best strategy may look like it’s bombing in the short term. When you’ve done your sums right you aren’t phased by a bad night, and have backup money in order to cover a losing streak.

Now that you have all the skills to win at any casino, try your luck online at a reliable online casino like Casino Mate, and let us know how much you win.