Gambling Business Group Supports ICE 2015

The Gambling Business Group (GBG) is supporting the ICE exhibition, which will be starting from February 3 to 5, 2015 at the ExCel Centre in London. It is big news as GBG, which was formed just six months ago in July 2014 can count among its members people from top gaming organisations. Not only this, but GBG also represents a wide spectrum of the UK gaming industry such as the Pub, LBO, FEC, Bingo and the Casino industry.


ICE exhibition 2015

 Significance of the GBG support

ICE is a big event, which brings eminent personalities from the gaming industry from the world over under one roof. Several GBG members participate in ICE as exhibitors and many others visit the exhibition as buyers. This ICE event is a networking and showcasing grounds in favour of the UK gaming.

ICE is the perfect platform for GBG employees and members to network with the local and international gaming professionals, innovators and thought leaders. With Peter Hannibal at its helm as the CEO, GBG along with its members and partners hope to discuss challenges facing the gaming industry with policymakers and politicians and also present the best of the products offered by the industry.


Significance of ICE event

The managing director of ICE, Julian Graves has welcomed this show of strength from the GBG. The main agenda of ICE no doubt, is the new product launches by hundreds of exhibitors; he accepts that ICE is also a huge networking and meeting ground for gaming industry professionals and they welcome it wholeheartedly.

With more than 500 exhibitors and thousands of gaming industry professionals gathered together for ICE Totally Gaming 2015, the GBG support and presence can only add to the significance of such exhibitions and conferences.