The Best Time of Year for Baccarat

There are no patterns in the gambling game of baccarat. All games of baccarat are pretty much the same thing as tossing a coin. This is what makes the game different from the other card games inside of casinos. However, there is an underlying system to the amount of money a casino can make from baccarat. It’s true! There is a certain time of year the game of baccarat is bringing in loads of money for casinos all over the world. Do you know what time of year it is? It is Chinese New Year.

the best time for baccarat game

Why does Chinese New Year bring a surge in baccarat playing? The reason is simple. It is because Asian cultures generally love the game of baccarat. You need to remember that the game of baccarat is governed completely by fate. Asian cultures often have a strong belief in fate. Baccarat taps into a cultural need at the gambling table for many Asians. Naturally, large amounts of people with Asian heritage are going to hit the casinos for Chinese New Year. This means that baccarat always does well this time of year.

Do you need evidence of this? Look at the month of February in 2010. This month brought in over $206 million in baccarat revenue for all of Las Vegas. The month of June in 2010 only brought in $18.5 million in baccarat revenue. What was the difference between the two months? Chinese New Year was in February. The difference between those two months is incredible. It has great drawing power for baccarat tables. If you are looking into playing a baccarat game with lots of people, remember the correct time of year to do it! Look up the next Chinese New Year. You can then book your tickets to Vegas!